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12 Must-Have Fishing Accessories

The sea can calm the senses. It is the perfect destination for most boat lovers to get away from the deafening sound of the city, and the stressful work that happens there every week.

Some find a day’s trip to the sea to fish as very therapeutic and an effective means to calm their nerves.

Before you venture out into the sea to fish, be sure you have all the necessary boat accessories for your trip. Here’s a checklist of what you need to bring:

Wind Meter: The wind can be unpredictable when you’re out in the open sea so be sure you have a handy anemometer with you.

Fist Tracker: If you want to catch a lot of fish during your trip, get a fish tracker which will direct you to the area with a lot of fish.

Durable Cooler: If you will be spending several hours out in the sea, it is best to store the fish you catch on a cooler to make sure it stays fresh until you get back to the shore. It’s useless catching fish all day, and then end up with stale ones when you get home.

Life Jacket: Anyone who goes out in the water needs a life jacket. It is a life-saver that must not be forgotten on every trip.

First Aid Kit: An emergency could arise while you’re out fishing so bring a first aid kit with you. It should be on a lockable waterproof container and must have the kits needed for fishing-related injuries.

Sunscreen/Bug Repellent: Protect yourself from the sun. You wouldn’t want to suffer from sunburn from a day spent on the sea. It is painful and could cause skin cancer. If you’re fishing at night, it is also important to protect yourself from bugs that get attracted to your light.

Horn and Whistle: You’ll never know when you may need to call for attention or help so make sure you a horn and a whistle on your boat.

Waterproof Light: This is necessary if you will be fishing at night. You will be in danger of getting ran over by bigger vessels if you do not have proper lighting.

Dry Containers: This could be plastic packs where you could store your cell phone, extra clothing, wallet, and other important items that need to stay dry.

Cut-Resistant Gloves: You are in danger of getting cuts from fishing hooks and knives so bring a pair of cut-resistant gloves with you.

Rod Holders: A rack for your rod and other fishing gear helps save space so make sure you have it. Organizing your gear is important so they don’t lie around scattered on your boat’s floor as this could cause an accident.

Anchor: You need to anchor your boat when you find the right spot to fish. This ensures the waves or winds do not carry you away from your desired location. The anchor must be equipped with a heavy-duty rope as well as a floater.