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5 Best Boat Care Tips

Some people adore their boats as if they are trophies worthy of being shown to the whole world. Indeed! Some boat owners scrub their boats all day until they glisten.

Frankly, boat cleaning need not be a back breaking activity. There are a number of ways to clean your boat that would save you time and energy. The key is cleaning smart because long hours of cleaning does not necessarily mean you’ve cleaned it right.

Here are the steps to boat cleaning that you need to remember:

Use the right cleaning equipment.

To keep your boat looking brand new, you must know its type, and make sure you buy the right cleaning materials and products for it. Different boat types have different cleaning requirements.

Choose brushes that will not damage the paint on your boat or chip its coating, but still able to remove deep-seated dirt, grease, and grime. The brushes should also have long handles so you can reach far corners of the boat without having to stoop or bend too low causing your back to ache afterwards.

Choose a biodegradable soap to wash your boat. One that can remove the toughest dirt and grime, sea salt and fish blood. It should be environment-friendly to avoid polluting the water.

Use chamois cloths, sponges and scrubs, and towels to wipe the boat dry. Dry the boat immediately after each washing and rinsing to avoid leaving water spots on the boat’s surface.

Store these cleaning materials in a handy box or bucket, and keep it in a corner on your boat. Make sure you put all of it on the same spot after every cleaning.

Use wax on your boat’s surface.

Wax protects your boat’s color and fiberglass material. You don’t have to do this every time you clean your boat. Every other month will do the trick, The wax ensures the luster in your boat is retained, making it look shiny every time.

Applying several coats of carnauba wax on the hull will prevent salty water from damaging it, and keeps it protected from daily exposure to the elements.

Regularly polish your metals.

The salty sea water can make your boat’s metal parts rusty. If this happens, look for metal wax which you must apply on the affected area overnight. In the morning, scrub off the wax lightly and wipe off any remaining wax with a wool cloth.

You can also apply sealants on the chromed and stainless parts of your boat to protect them from the elements, and keep their shine.

Clean your carpets.

Some boats have carpets on the floor. Make sure you vacuum it regularly to remove dirt and dust that could bring about dust mites. Use vacuum attachments with long handles to reach hidden or hard to reach places.

Always start from the front portion of the boat, until you reach the stern. This ensures thorough coverage.

Clean your boat’s engine.

Degrease your engine at the end of every season. You can buy popular brands of engine protectants to carry out this task. Use a soft piece of cloth when applying the protectant. If you have the budget, you can hire a boat mechanic to do the work for you.