A Comprehensive Iphone Models Comparison

The motion that iPhone came into industry brought a technical revolution within the mobile phone market. People found a number of flaws while loving it. Thus, depending on the weak point of the iPhone, Apple Inc. released the 2nd model of iPhone 3G on 9th June 2008 that was enhanced in parts that are numerous. So we are going to make a comparison of the two generations to see what was transformed in iPhone 3G. If you haven’t gotten yourself an iPhone yet, I recommend these places that sell used iPhones.

1. Outlines

As we are able to see at the photographs that the shades of the iPhone are just one part dark and part white. But iPhone 3G is completely black or completely white. The blanket of the iPhone was metal as the 3G’s were plastic, so the 3G is a bit of lighter compared to the iPhone. And around the size of 2 cell phones, 3G is a bit larger compared to the iPhone that is tough to been discovered by eyes.

2. Main Body

Comparing with iPhone, iPhone 3G required courses from the design of MacBook Air. Therefore the arc on the rear of the cell phone made the telephone looks more appealing. The other issue was the headphone connector, which was a huge issue in the previous Apple products was enhanced. The 3.5 mm headphone jack was created on the edge of the mobile phone, which can make each type of headset achievable to always be utilized.

3. Networks

The real difference between networks was the most obvious difference between the two cellular phones. iPhone didn’t help support the 3G networks, which made it a target to be criticized by the media. This moment, iPhone 3G had stepped up to 3.5G amount and also helped WCDMA/HSDPA networks. Based on Jobs’ saying, the pace is a lot quicker compared to Nokia N95.

4. Built-in Functions

One more benefit of the iPhone 3G was that GPS component was added that supports the mobile area plus navigation search. The camera was the same as the iPhone, but for the GPS, it can offer the geographic power grid of the photographs. The mobile phone might capture the latitude, altitude, and longitude of the shooting locations. And also, the image component per inch (PPI) of iPhone 3G enhanced to 163 PPI from 160 PPI of iPhone with no improvement on the screen and also distinguishability.

5. Battery

The battery power of the iPhone 3G was still created as fixed as the iPhone. The standby time, as well as a speaking moment of the iPhone 3G, had amplified very much by comparing it with the iPhone. The speaking time in two G networks increased from eight hours to ten hours as well as the standby time increased from 250 hrs to 300 hours. Though the internet time, music & video playing time didn’t change comparing from previous times. Besides, there’s something in the sales bundle of iPhone 3G to assist the clients in removing the SIM card quickly.

6. Software

The enhancement of the iPhone 3G in software program was useful. It could support numerous languages, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, along with other Asian languages. And it assistance gesture recognition. The iPhone 2.0 firmware might help support the AppStore application shop, which the creator all around the planet could discharge by free or perhaps sell iPhone application via the shop.

7. Price

The final variation in which the customers might experience themselves as the cost of the two cellular phones. iPhone 3G was just 199 dollars when it initially comes into the marketplace. So it was less expensive compared to the iPhone.

All of these variations put together; we can discover the distinction between iPhone and iPhone 3G clearly. But in all, they’re cell phones; although they’ve differences, they wouldn’t change a lot. They’re Apple’s cellular phones.